Çağrı Bilgin

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Çağrı Bilgin
Alumnus, Linguistics '12

"We have an amazing team at the Department of Linguistics. My professors always made time for me – even outside of their usual office hours. When I went to see them, they always went above and beyond to help me with my work. It is due to the efforts of such teachers that I was able to achieve my current success.

During the first couple of years of my undergrad, I was still not exactly sure of what I wanted to do after completing my degree. I had always liked teaching, but I had not gotten the opportunity to actually try it out. Luckily, York University English Language Institute (YUELI) was hiring Community Leaders, and I was able to secure one of these positions.

This changed my life. I got to work with both teachers and international students. I gained tons of experience. I formed long-lasting professional relationships. And most of all, I discovered that teaching was truly my calling in life. I might never have figured this out if it wasn’t for the opportunity to work at York University while I was still a student."

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