Student gains industry experience — right in the classroom

York University student Tiana Noce writes about her Experiential Education class, Live-Client Learning Marketing, in The Un-Classroom — Bridging the gap between the Marketing Industry and University.

She took the fourth-year class as part of her Marketing certificate, which she is enrolled in while majoring in Communication Studies. Both the certificate and her major are offered through the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.

Noce knew this class was going to be unlike any other she had taken when Professor Pallavi Sodhi held interviews to admit students into the course. There were no textbooks or exams, but there was teamwork, competition, business planning, learning from industry experts, practical experience and the opportunity to develop fully integrated marketing plans for real clients.

“Live-Client Learning challenged me to stretch my imagination, it strengthened my abilities to work with a team and forced me to search for answers beyond what was apparent to me,” she writes. “The class was quick paced and intense but the lessons I learned and connections I gained are the ones that will benefit me for years to come.”

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