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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Work Experience Double Major

Discover how the study of crime and its control intersects with social life and connects to the pursuit of justice in the 21st Century.


Program Information

The Criminology program focuses not only on crime and criminal justice, but also on processes of criminalization and social regulation. The program’s interdisciplinary approach is reflected in complementary relationships with a number of other academic disciplines including anthropology, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, socio-legal studies, and sociology. Students are able to choose courses from these disciplines as well as from the core program courses, each of which draws from a range of disciplines and is devoted to making connections between different areas of study.

Degree Information

Campus: Keele
Faculty:  Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Degree:   Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Degree Options: Double Major, Single Major

4 yrs

Experiential Education

Research / Other Activities

Honours Option

Yes (Honours Only)



Degree Overview

Career Options

The objective of our Criminology program is to provide you with a strong foundation as well as transferrable skills (analytical, research, writing, and communication) that are valued by both public and private employers in a variety of criminal justice-related fields.


Police Officer Lawyer Policy Analyst
Correctional Officer Conflict Mediator Community Outreach Worker
Social Worker Border Services Officer Fraud Investigator