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Culture and Expression

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Double Major Minor

Explore the catalytic relationship between the creative human imagination and the cultural settings that ignite it.


Program Information

Culture & Expression is a flexible, interdisciplinary degree program designed to explore the plurality of cultural expression. It investigates how societies communicate their values and interests through a wide range of artistic and cultural forms, among them film, music, literature and various electronic and visual media. It opens up a whole new world for understanding the arts in social, artistic and political contexts and encourages students to find their own “place” in this world. Students complete courses that combine theory and practice examining how cultural and artistic forms convey social, political and philosophical concerns. Historical, philosophical and aesthetic concerns are explored through cultural theory and methodology, providing students with a coherent theoretical preparation in concepts and cultural practices for more advanced study and specific investigations.

Degree Information

Campus: Keele
Faculty:  Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Degree:   Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Degree Options: Double Major, Minor, Single Major, Specialized

3, 4 yrs

Experiential Education

Research / Other Activities

Honours Option




Degree Overview

Career Options

Graduates of Culture & Expression pursue fulfilling careers in a wide variety of fields. With a Culture & Expression degree, you ready yourself to enter the work force with a well-rounded humanist education with multiple options for success in a broad range of dynamic career paths.


Aboriginal Activist Archivist Cultural Consultant
Cultural Program Director Event Planner Fundraising Coordinator
Lawyer Librarian Psychologist
Social Service Worker Teacher UN Representative