International Development Studies

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International Development Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Work Experience Double Major Minor

Explore the foundations of international development theory and how these theories translate into the practice of helping those in need as you study the current realities facing communities throughout the world, and the factors that contribute to the inequalities between the rich and the poor.


Program Information

The International Development Studies program concentrates on dynamics of regions in the developing world with a focus on culture, diasporas and migration, environment, gender, political economy, politics, governance and policy.  The program is intended to provide students with a thorough grounding in the history, debates, institutional approaches and critiques of the field. As well, students in the program will develop the skills and knowledge required to read the documents of international development/financial institutions such as the World Bank and IMF, understand the institutional language of development professionals, and create and implement development research or delivery proposals.

Degree Information

Campus: Keele
Faculty:  Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Degree:   Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Degree Options: Double Major, Minor, Single Major, Specialized

3, 4 yrs

Experiential Education


Honours Option




Degree Overview

Career Options

Our students are given a thorough understanding of the history, debates, perspectives, institutional approaches, and critiques within the field of international development. Upon graduating from York, your employment prospects will be wide ranging and full of potential.


Foreign Service Officer Government Administrator Historical Researcher
Human Rights Advocate Immigration Officer Institutional Researcher
NGO Director Policy Researcher Politician
Population Studies Analyst Public Affairs Consultant Public Policy Analyst