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Jewish Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Double Major Minor

Explore Judaism and the Jewish people while studying the history of Judaism as a religion, and the texts, sociologies, languages, cultures and fine arts of the Jewish people from biblical times to present day.


Program Information

In addition to Judaism as a religion, Jewish studies explores the texts, histories, cultures, sociologies, languages and fine arts of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present, locating these within the context of the many western and non-western civilizations in which Jews have lived. It also examines Jewish interactions with non-Jews over the ages, both cooperative and conflictual, elements of cultural symbiosis, evolving attitudes towards and images of Jews within various non-Jewish cultures, and the history of anti-semitism, including the Holocaust.

Degree Information

Campus: Keele
Faculty:  Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Degree:   Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Degree Options: Double Major, Minor, Single Major, Specialized

3, 4 yrs

Experiential Education

Research / Other Activities

Honours Option




Degree Overview

Career Options

Graduates of our Jewish Studies program have gone on to have fulfilling careers in a wide variety of fields. With a Jewish Studies degree you have the opportunity to enter the work force with a well-rounded education and options to be successful in a range of different career paths.


Industrial Relations Consultant Cultural Consultant Interpreter
Diplomat Jewish Community Worker Journalist
Entrepreneur Rabbi Researcher
Linguist Social Program Director Historian