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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Double Major Minor

Immerse yourself in the study of philosophical thought. You will deepen your understanding of the historical and contemporary aspects of philosophy, and develop answers to some of the most fundamental philosophical questions.


Program Information

The Philosophy program explores many of humanity’s fundamental questions, and reflects on answers through careful argumentation and evidence from fields as diverse as religion, law, the physical sciences and psychology. The program’s interdisciplinary approach will help you understand various contemporary challenges in applied ethics, social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and argumentation theory.  Courses offered also delve into the history of philosophy and other traditional areas such as metaphysics and epistemology, logic and the philosophy of language, moral philosophy, and the philosophy of law.

Degree Information

Campus: Keele
Faculty:  Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Degree:   Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Degree Options: Double Major, Minor, Single Major, Specialized

3, 4 yrs

Experiential Education

Research / Other Activities

Honours Option




Degree Overview

Career Options

Our graduates have gone on to pursue a very diverse set of career paths and have accumulated many impressive career accomplishments. The skills learned in our Philosophy program are transferrable to many different fields and will provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary for success in your future career.


Activist Bioethicist Educator
Human Rights Activist Lawyer Professional Writer
Publisher Social Service Worker Researcher